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Thank you for visiting my Galleries!  These eight galleries showcase my best work that I have done over the last few years, categorized in a manner that best suits the photo.


Our Cherished Companions

Animal: "any sentient living creature." It is important to know the meaning/orgin of this word because I use it for a few reasons: I love photographing animals, I photograph any animal type that captures my eye (e.g., Birds, Dogs, Bees, Caterpillars, etc.), and I want to keep my personal galleries to a minimum.


Focusing on What's Unfocused

This gallery presents several challenges for me. To start, I don't take many photographs that would qualify for this gallery because you need to find an event that has fireworks. You also need to make sure you use a focal length that will capture the entire display. You're taking the photo in the dark so you need to use manual focus, but when you change the focus during a 1+ second exposure, you'll need to make sure that you bring the out-of-focus lens back to sharpness before you take the next photo. I love fireworks so much, so it gets to be a little tough knowing a great show is going on right in front or above you and here you are working.


Discovering the Hidden Program

What function determined the form in which people gaze upon from the outside. A photograph from within should tell you.


Life's Diversion

Let's see, should we stay inside and work or should we go outside and play? Fresh air sounds great, let's go! This gallery shows the beauty that's on the other side of that wall; a wall that separates you from the elements outside.  The photos within, take you around the U.S. to Colombia to Spain and with more to come.


Fulfillers of a Vision

People love seeing people.  It puts a smile on our faces when we see an infectious smile or a tear in our eye when innocents is tampered with.  My goal with this gallery is to represent people in a way that brings a smile to their face and a moment of reflection.  After all, memories are our treasure locked up inside a photograph.


Nourishing the World with Beauty

The majority of photographs within this gallery were taken with a macro lens, however, not all require such a lens.  Macrophotography is a great relaxing passion of mine.  You're enlarging a world that is too small to see or too precious to touch.  I care greatly about the environment these photographs were taken in and as animals and plants should be respected, I do my best not to disturb or interfere with nature.


An Erected Focal Point

We gaze at structures with an intent to study its design, its location, its colors or lack thereof. Structures can be a form of mixed emotions. A viewer may lean towards one type of emotion when standing in front of the structure, however, a photographer may tip the balance towards another emotion that the photographer intends to evoke.


A Standout from the Rest 

An ordinary object, given a fresh perspective. Objects are out there, yet they seem so ordinary or boring that most will just keep walking by. Well when I walk by an ordinary object, I see ways of making that object stand out. Could be just that it needs a new perspective or maybe if the light hits it this way then it just may be worth capturing.

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