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Lauren & Nandan's Engagement Session


The art of photography is about challenging yourself in ways that you've never thought possible. When I first got into photography, my initial challenge was understanding the functionality of the camera. Once I overcame this challenge, then the next challenge was to understand the elements of a great photograph. As I began to work on this challenge, I explored the various topics of macro, landscape, astro, portrait, architecture, event, photo booth, and photojournalism photography. All are excellent areas with each one having their own unique challenges and I must say that I absolutely love each and every one of them. So much in fact that I just found it much too difficult to stay focused in just one area. This type of "uniqueness" about me proved to be very beneficial for me winning over the most incredible clients that I could only dream of.

When Lauren reached out to me, she knew I've never photographed engagements or weddings before, but they were willing to give me a chance. So we decided that in order to determine whether or not I would be a perfect fit as their wedding photographer we agreed on a little an engagement photo session.

Of course I wanted to win them over, so going small was definitely not what I had in mind. I knew I needed to come up with a great plan that would yield excellent photos and win over a dream client. So I spent the next two weeks developing a plan. When I finalized the plan I made sure that Lauren & Nandan had enough time to look it over so that they can mentally prepare themselves for what's to come.

Okay, so Here's the Plan...

If you Talk the Talk, then you better Walk the Walk!

So the day of the photoshoot we agreed to meet well before sunrise in Old Town Alexandria next to the waterfront. I explained to Lauren & Nandan that in order for this photo shoot to look natural, loving, and memorable they needed to have the mindset that it's just the two of them out on a date together—you know just enjoying a day out together with no stress or worries at all. This was absolutely critical!

The photo shoot took place in multiple places (e.g., sidewalks, parks, tunnel, and a chocolate boutique studio), with three different outfits, over a four-hour time period. We had so much fun doing this!

And the Result's are in!

"Thanks to the talented and brilliant @kellyswilkinson"

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